Education was also of great importance to Taylor; as such, inspired by his mission to promote higher-education, Hennessy and the NBC will reward one deserving person with a ‘full ride’ in the cyclist’s name, a $25,000 scholarship to continue their higher education.

The Major Higher Education Scholarship winner will be announced during the Taylor Birthday Tribute rides on December 1st. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is November 26th, 2018.

Scholarship Rules:

  • Any NBC club members can nominate an eligible candidate from their community who is exploring higher education institutions to be considered for the scholarship.
  • Applicants must be 21+ and a US resident – additional legal parameters apply.
  • Applicants must sign up to participate in the MMT Tribute Ride and submit an essay (500 words or more) that will be judged on both style and content. Submissions should be clear, articulate, and logically organized with proper grammar, correct punctuation and answer the following prompt:

    “In the late 1890s, Marshall “Major” Taylor became the best cyclist of his time, and throughout his career dominated his competition in the U.S and abroad. He held seven world records by 1898, and in 1899, became the first African American to win a world championship. As one of the world’s first international sports stars, Marshall “Major” Taylor became an unrivaled champion who achieved new levels of greatness despite adversity. Tell us about a time you pushed the limits of your own potential to achieve greatness. How did you do it and what did you learn about yourself or others along the way?”